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Tommy Morgan [userpic]


January 3rd, 2010 (07:26 pm)

Happy new year.

Resolutions? Sort of, not really. I could expound on why I think they're somewhat silly, but if it works for you, then hey, it works.

Been focused recently on making my office a more desirable place to be. A few plants, some rope lights (ambient light is delicious), and a few nifty things from ThinkGeek (yay gift cards) certainly seem to be helping.

Erin got me a Ukulele for Christmas. I've probably been driving her crazy, but it's nice to have a different instrument to mess around on.

We've been watching Dexter on Netflix - instant watch is wonderful. Dexter is very good TV in my opinion, although it's a bit scary to find yourself identifying with a (thankfully fictional) psychopath.

Sure there's more to mention; just sort of free-associating while Erin's on the phone with her advisor. Sounds like she's about to get off. TTFN, etc.

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